WBLI-Proud Supporters of Our Community!

Proud to Support Our Community!

WBLI Chartered Accountants and WBLI Insolvency Consultants are proud to support the Cobequid Community Health Centre Foundation.

Cob Walk 1 2015

WBLI was presented with a plaque this week for participating as Silver Sponsor of the Cobequid Community Health Centre Foundation’s Annual Walk Run which was held in October.   WBLI participants pictured are: Jonathan Gallant, Brenda Kaulback (a long time walker for the cause who participates annually with her grandchildren), Krysta Adamski (Treasurer) is pictured receiving the plaque from Heather Doran, Event Coordinator for Cobequid Community Centre Foundation and Bill Vienneau, partner WBLI, Past Chair of the Board of the Cobequid Community Health Centre Foundation.

Cob Walk 2 2015

The Opening of the Walk Run and Chair Kelly Adams and Executive Director Stacey Chapman


Cob Walk 3 2015

Shawna and Jonathan Gallant from WBLI, pictured with a participant of the walk with her dog.

The proceeds from the Walk Run will fund priority medical equipment needed to grow and strengthen the services provided in the Cobequid Community Health Centre’s Cardiology Clinic located at its Sackville facility. The 2014 Walk Run raised $59,615 (cash) and $12,800 (in-kind) for a Grand Total of $72,415.

We asked the Centre to explain what they do and why support is so badly needed:

Cobequid Community Health Centre (CCHC) is here for you, your family and your neighbours. Whether you require emergency care, are managing a chronic illness, or need routine tests, care is available for your entire family. CCHC has the fourth busiest Emergency Department in the province of Nova Scotia. Annually our Emergency Department serves over 33,000 patients. Of those patients, 68.6% were adults, 14.9% were children, and 16.5% were seniors. CCHC also has the fastest ambulance to bed time in metro.

 The Walk & Run event raises funds for priority medical equipment for the Emergency Department at CCHC. Since 2006, the Cobequid Community Health Centre Foundation has funded over three million dollars in priority medical equipment. With the generous support of our donors and sponsors we are able to continue our work towards building a place for our community.  “