WBLI Merges with MNP LLP

WBLI is pleased to announce we have merged with MNP, one of the largest national accounting and business consulting firms in Canada, effective January 1, 2017.

While WBLI was looking to expand their breadth of specialty services, MNP was seeking to build on its presence in Atlantic Canada with a well-respected and client-focused firm that shares the same values. This is truly a mutually-beneficial union and we are very excited to have found a firm that puts clients first.

Our clients can be assured they will receive the same level of commitment and will benefit from the additional knowledge, resources and experience in numerous industry and specialty areas — across more than 75 locations from coast to coast. As part of MNP, we will continue to deliver value-added services to our clients by drawing on MNP’s expertise in many disciplines.

We look forward to continuing to meet your needs through MNP.

For more information, visit www.mnp.ca or contact Kirk D. Higgins, FCPA, FCA, at 902.493.5452