People First

When handling transactions, what starts off as a simple business-to-business deal oftentimes becomes the creation of a personal relationship. WBLI is fortunate to have advised many hard-working, dynamic people who have thrown their heart into their businesses.

This was evident when handling the purchase of Techtronics Machine Works Limited.

“Ron and Rhonda Marks are just a great couple!” says Jonathan Gallant, Principal with WBLI in Dartmouth. “He’s this tech-savvy visionary, and she’s a retired nurse with the organizational skills of a Brigadier-General. They were getting ready to retire, and wanted new owners with the same passion and know-how.”

WBLI was advising another couple — a couple of first cousins. Sean MacPhee and Craig Langille owners of Velocity Machining & Welding Inc. were looking to expand.

“Sean and Craig are a fantastic team,” enthuses Gallant. “Between their technical knowledge and their commitment to customer service, they really have nowhere to go but up.”

WBLI handled the negotiations, assisted in securing the financing, took care of the due diligence procedures, and otherwise facilitated all of the many small details that this kind of transaction involves.

“This client was actually referred to us from a larger firm, and we’re proud of the reputation we have within the industry. Everybody knows that if they refer a client to us, we’ll get the job done and get it done right.”

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