Is Your Business Saleable



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Event overview:

WBLI and Symplicity Designs team up to help private business owners understand how to add value to their business and how to start the process for an eventual transition to family, management or an outside party.

The team from WBLI brings a wealth of practical and technical knowledge gained from assisting and advising hundreds of business owners for over 40 years. WBLI will assist you with understanding:

  • How business value is determined
  • When and how to start the process to transition a business
  • Tax planning considerations in advance of a transition

Symplicity Designs is a team of Organizational Designers who teach, train, and coach organizations how to Improve, Innovate, and Grow faster. We work with Small, Medium, and Large-sized enterprises across industries and service sectors as well as Government and Not-for-profit organizations.

Are you working on the areas that are most important or the ones that need the most improvement?

  • Symplicity Designs assists its clients to identify better ways to lead and manage their organization.
  • Identify the improvement opportunities that will deliver the most value