Congratulations George Korkomaz…

WBLI would like to congratulate George Korkomaz on winning the Outstanding Business Person Of The Year at the Canadian Lebanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Event.

George left his life in Lebanon with his wife and arrived in Canada on February 24, 2004. He was a practicing architect overseas. He had to overcome the many challenges that exist as a new immigrant. He had to pursue more education to qualify to work in his field of architecture in Nova Scotia; at the same time trying to make a living for his expectant wife. He briefly ran a BBQ stand selling Hot Dogs and Hamburgers. At the same time he would take the trees that had fallen after Hurricane Juan and turn them into meaningful art, selling them for the best offer.

Later, George began to identify building issues that were clearly a result of the harsh weather. He had worked with a waterproofing product overseas and finally sealed a deal with that factory for sole distribution rights all over Canada. Although this was successful, he felt the need to expand his product base.

The second thing he noticed about Nova Scotia is the large number of pizza stores; asking himself “what do pizza stores use lots of?” The answer being food packing products, he formed East Wind Paper Products. He later sold this company.

As George’s experience and knowledge grew he decided to expand in the field that he knew best. He sourced out building products that were in common demand and introduced new products and innovative designs to the industry. Gaining trust and clientele was most challenging, but he was determined! He proved to his clients that he was extremely dependable and loyal.

Today George Korkomaz has three major businesses, one being a granite factory with 6 full time employees and 22 sub-contractors. George thanks Canada for his success, “as it was this land that gave me the opportunity to go big or go home!”